The Helium Depth Indicator - Specifications and options


Size: 144w x 72h x 200d.

Weight: 1.5 kg.

Case is bench or panel mounting.

Front panel

Display: 8 Character large (9 mm) backlit Liquid Crystal Display.

Switches: 3 momentary make switches to control functions.

Back panel

Power input:
Mains: 95 - 250V ac via switched fused IEC mains input.

Auxiliary: 24V dc via power jack socket.

Probe input: One 7 pin connector.

Analogue output & External Inhibit: In shared 6 way Weidmuller connector.

Analogue output is either

and one of these are supplied on all HDI units. All options are short circuit protected.

External Inhibit. Opto-isolated input, triggered by 5 - 20V or 3 - 15mA at terminals.

Serial port
Connector:  Standard DB9-F connector.

Functional Parameters

Resolution:  1mm.

Linearity:  1 LSD (Least Significant Digit).

Accuracy:  0.5% +/- 1 LSD.

Compliance voltage: 55 +/- 5V.

Maximum active length per channel:  2000mm.