The Helium Depth Indicator at work

For almost 25 years, Twickenham Scientific Instruments Ltd have been manufacturing electronics and probes. We have developed our own products and done custom work for customers, either as one off or small production runs.

As well as selling systems directly to Laboratories and Universities, We have also developed relationships with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) to be incorporated in larger systems. The result of this is that our products can be found in every continent of the world - including Antarctica.

Sometimes our products will appear in the colours of the OEM, but the general appearance of our products will always indicate who the OEM has turned to for supply.

The Helium Depth Indicators and probes are used in everything from small research cryostats, helium liquefiers, industrial products such as mineral separation, to large scale research systems such as the ATLAS detector at CERN. Projects such as the last mentioned here also demand specially designed probes to cope with the harsh working environment.

The Superconducting Magnet Controllers are used in mineral separation, other industrial applications, adibatic demagnetisation systems, as well as research systems large and small. The varied demands of these systems mean that output terminal voltages from 3V to 20V have been developed, as well as maximum output currents from 15A to 600A. The greatest output power built, so far, was a 450A at +/- 20V unit - a maximum of 9kW.

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